heartfelt fiction

Him in Disguise


Yes. There are some instances that occur in day-to-day lives that redefine love altogether. A moment’s happiness is worth all the money in the world. And the feeling? I have no words to describe…

One such bond of love lies among friends. We all have many friends; but there is always one friend who is way more than just a best friend. The unconditional mutual trust bonding these two people together is inexplicable. Such a friend is God to them. At least to this Girl….

She was the loneliest girl in the class. Nobody wanted to talk to her. Perhaps you too won’t want to talk to an ADHD/ autism suffering girl who is continuously teased of having ‘half-a-brain’ and ‘anti-mind’. It is Elisha I am talking about. Being always mocked at, she had to stay all alone. No matter whatever hardships Elisha had to live with, she was still a girl. She too would have loved making her face up, looking pretty and date. She used to watch all the couples around looking at each other, being so madly in love and longed to be one of them. But it was mock and bitter that she always had to encounter with.

It was probably a month into the semester when Aaron was admitted into the class. And the first day he entered into the class made all girls go crazy for him, considering he was the best looking guy in the class by a huge margin.

Days went by and Aaron moved on to be the stud of the class. Every girl wanted to be with him. Elisha too. But she could never gather the courage she needed. Aaron had already been warned about Elisha. He, however, happened to be a man of empathy. He understood what Elisha must be going through. He chose to befriend her.

Time went by and they became better of friends. They shared every joy and every little secret they had. They used to walk about within the campus premises while the world watched them in envy.

It was the prom night and all the students had their counterpart. And there she was, wearing a black gown presented to her by Aaron himself. She stood at a corner waiting but he was nowhere to be found. It was almost going to be late when he suddenly showed up.

“Sorry!! I was too busy in something.”

“It’s Ok. At least now I have someone to talk to.” Elisha replied in an animated, autistic tone. They watched the couples dance together. Aaron even asked her a few times but just the mere thought of dancing with him sent chills down her spines.

The dance got over and the couples kissed their ladies. Elisha pictured herself as one of them. Oh! How she longed to find someone who would make her feel like his princess. Someone who would kiss her and make her feel like a normal girl…

Aaron glanced at her. She glanced back at him. Maybe, he read her eyes. He all of a sudden, lowered his face and planted a kiss on her mouth. Everybody stared in shock. What had just happened!!! But Aaron had nothing to do with it. When they parted, Elisha was dumbstruck. A warm hug followed. Aaron did not speak a word then. The two spent the rest of their time feeling embarrassed and shy, not being able to confront each other. Back at home, Elisha was still thinking of him. Why could he do this? Did he love him? No. why would he? It then suddenly occurred to her. Everything became clear as a glass after being wiped….

Yes. Aaron had made her feel like a normal girl in the prom. He made sure she could get at least one feeling she wanted to feel so badly- to feel the warmth of love, the warmth of a kiss- the realization of being normal, even for a day… He had made her prom the most memorable night in her life ever.

Aaron was responsible for the smile and happiness on the face of a person. He brought joy in a life; even though it was momentary. Now, Elisha would never forget her college Prom night the entire life. It would bring a smile on her face every time she would think of it.

Elisha and Aaron have never met ever since. Elisha has been cured of her ADHD
and is a successful entrepreneur. She tells that it was her prom that changed her life. She never fails to mention Aaron in any of her speeches. How could she?

She refers Aaron as ‘Him in Disguise’- A true friend who cared for her at the expense of his own loss of goodwill and expects to meet him again soon. She travels to his town too often….

My Work of Fiction.


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