heartfelt fiction

The life He Changed- Part 1

We usually pass. But sometimes, we fail. And we blame God or our fate for it. The failure begins to bite us so much that we forget to cherish our present. We do not realize that the work that we failed in is not difficult but it lacks our interest. A little enthusiasm and a ray of hope and inspiration can lead us into the path of the grandest success we don’t even think exists. This inspiration can come from anything, anyone. It is just a matter of time when the stars shine in our favor.

Amanda and Anthony had been married for three years now. The world seemed perfect for them for they had each other. There was no worry they had felt since they found themselves together against any difficulty they faced in life.

Back in college, Amanda had a thing for singing. She wanted to be taught by the best of the teachers. John was, at that time, among the best singers around. He was a mentor too. But his students used to be special. And numbered. Three, to be precise. Amanda had tried a lot to be one among them quite a many times but she wasn’t as good as compared to those making it to the top three.

Amanda and Anthony had met in their sophomore year in college and been together ever since. Anthony was sad seeing Amanda in agony of the failure in music. He even took Amanda to John’s office to personally meet him and request but it was of no use. Disappointed, Amanda gave singing up.

Anthony could not bear the condition Amanda was in. She, however, used to act so placid about everything but he could sense the tempest within her. The inability to fulfill one’s passion due to lack of resources is among the most painful experiences of all and he knew this too well. He would see her spend her days sitting idle and helpless when she had all the chances of becoming a star. Anthony was worried about the monotony in Amanda’s life. He even had tried to take her out of town for a vacation in an attempt to raise her spirits up but the trip too proved fruitless for her.

He tried to talk her through this but Amanda requested him to let go of it and Anthony was left with no choice.

He never spoke about singing to her again. Anthony was getting ill. But he didn’t pay any heed to it until one day, he coughed out a puddle of blood on the ground. Terrified by this, he went to the doctor for a medical check-up. The doctor, after analyzing all the test reports, confirmed sadly that Anthony was a class three gastric carcinoma patient. The treatment? The doctor told the bitter truth of him being in too late a stage for a treatment. Realising he had little time left, he decided he had to make his wife’s life worth her talent. He had to give his love, Amanda, a path for the only thing and passion she had ever wished for.

Yes. He had made a decision.

Thinking of this, Anthony moved out of the doctor’s clinic with a sober smile on his face and drove on the road that did not lead to his home…

To be continued…


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