#Friendship Day!!

Ouch! That hurt. 

Friends are among the best category of human treasures a guy can possess. They are those relation sub-species that make life worthy of being called one. They are always by our side whenever we think of them- no matter how many years pass by. But this now seems to be what we call the good old days. 

Digitization has had an adverse effect on relationships. 

What I thought was made to keep friends closer and connected seems to have divided them.

Maybe, Facebook has lost its purpose.

I don’t know.


32 thoughts on “Ouch! That hurt. 

  1. This is very true. People have so much to say over social media but when it comes to talking face to face sometimes it feels like I’m talking to a stone. I’ve been through this. Just one of those digitalization faults. 😛 XD

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  2. Ouch, that sucks. But I think FB is kind of fake, anyway. I know a lot of people who’d make fun of others with less than 100 friends, yet they hardly know any of the ones on their lists personally.
    Maybe if he forgot about you, you’re better off without him anyway 😉

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  3. I believe that facebook has lost it’s purpose truly. Im more for real life catching up in person and a phone call over the fb updates. I have been facebook free for 9 months and feel much better for it! facebook to me is an energy sucker my time spent now on better things…my artwork my home just life in general feels lighter ya know?

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