#Adore (Microtale #9)


Life. It makes a fool of us all. It uses us for its fun without caring of the effect it would have on us. And when life and fate join hands, the results are more severe.  One just can’t help but mourn in self pity at his inability to do anything before the so powerful opponent. The only case that is left open to them is to succumb to the unfavorable situation they have been pushed into.
These are also the times when the victim finds his true strength. Situations like these teach a man to be strong enough. Because some of these situations may have a lifelong effect and people might need some tough experience to be able to endure them everyday.


25 thoughts on “#Adore (Microtale #9)

  1. This is officially my favourite post of yours. Its very personal and relatable for me, cause this post, kinda describes half of the days I’ve lived. I’ve always tried to learn from my injuries and try to fight on.
    Puff! Cutting out the melodramatic part (cause it’s just not me..lol πŸ˜› ) I feel, that it’s a really heart warming post and once again, as usual, Mr. Author, you’ve done a great job. Take care! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

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