Poem I'll never try again

Lost Love

I think as I sit gazing,

At what’s left of you.

You’re at a place marked by a stone

And silence serene.

To me, you speak,

Through the new friends you’ve made,

The wind, the breeze or the air.

I feel your voice soften my ears,

As silence the place.

You ask me to find the smile

I lost with you.

The love I was deprived of.

I try to relent,

And find that love again.

Suddenly I find it impossible,

Because I discover you rest deep down

Safekeeping that little heart of mine.


60 thoughts on “Lost Love

      1. Haha. Poor you. I really did put you to the ultimate test. *I can really torture people* lol. Anyways have an awesome day, Mr. Awesome. 😛
        P. S. “I write those poetries just how easily you make the sketches. Something I can never do.” -.-

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