No Title. This is just a sketch. A BAD Sketch.


This is bad.

I hate myself for this.

 I took a week for this! I mean, nothing takes a week!

And when the faces don’t match, it hurts.

You know it’s like standing still on one foot under the scorching sun for the entire day and at the end of it, Science tells you did nothing because you didn’t move a muscle.


96 thoughts on “No Title. This is just a sketch. A BAD Sketch.

      1. Actually you know what? We are the worst critics of ourselves. So, no matter how good we are, we just won’t admit it. So that’s okay. Somewhere inside, you know that you leave me amazed all the time. 😛

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      2. Well, whether you do or not, I have to admit that I might someday need to learn how to talk to someone like that from you. Even I, might need that little touch of your magic of words. Right? XD

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      3. Now it’s automated. Your comment, my smile 🙂 I wish, I just wish I spoke the right words at the right time, just like you do with such perfection.
        P. S. ‘No ore cross eyes’ 😛

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  1. First of all, I could only wish to do what you do. My ‘sketches’ tend to look like something someone sneezed onto the paper and then smeared with an elbow. But I wouldn’t presume to tell you not to be such a critic of yourself. I actually think it’s a good thing to be dissatisfied with ourselves, to keep working on it, to find that desire for what’s possible. As long as it isn’t paralyzing, what’s a little discomfort, right? Embrace your inner critic.

    And this morning, reading your post reminded me of something, so I went looking through the blog archives and found the following. It still seems like good info, and pass it along.


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  2. Swapnil, are you fishing for compliments here? That’s not a bad sketch at all, my first thought was: “Wow, I wish I could draw like that”.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, you know you’re a great artist 😉

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