This isn’t just a sketch? NO. IT ISN’T.


This thing here is not just a sketch I did. This is an illustration. An illustration about how life needs to be spent lived. You find hardship waiting for you with crossed arms on your journey of life and you be like, “Hahaha! Oh, look! There’s another one. Let’s teach it a lesson! This is gonna be fun!”

This attitude will not only help you win your race of life, but also the ones who are by your side, accompanying you.

Trust me, staying happy, mad and funny helps. I have been practicing it for the last 21 years of life. Experience counts. 😉


17 thoughts on “This isn’t just a sketch? NO. IT ISN’T.

  1. This is so true. Experience does help, absolutely. Therefore, I’ve turned myself into a person who carries the power of positivity (something I wasn’t some time back). Staying positive will definitely take us a long way ahead. Thanks for sharing the post. 🙂

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    1. Of course! Positivity makes life worth living! It not only makes life rocking but also instills in people around you a hope that something good is waiting to happen and it might be just a few ticks of the clock away. 🙂
      P.S: Stay the way you are, Miss Poet. 😉 THE POSTIVITY CARRIER. 🙂

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