The Unforgotten Story-Part 1


It has been a long time really. It has probably been a month since I last posted something. The month has been quite busy for me. But now, the hard times have been dealt with and its time I return back to what I love the most. So here I am.

I have had a story plot in mind and I was on it some time ago. But something in me prompted to work on something better. This, ladies and gentlemen, is no fiction. This is factual. Something that has already happened and I thought I was the best person to scribble it down into lines and paragraphs. The protagonist is quite familiar to me. In fact, it is Me. Yes, you read that right. This is my story. Get your glasses tight, guys.


There are love stories happening all around the world at all times. And not all of them last forever. But some of those that fail are not saddening. The mere warmth of the relationship gives a feeling for a lifetime to cherish.



This happened to me some six years ago.


She was in my section. She was a lively, jovial girl who had a smile so contagious that could infect people with hours of happiness. And she did it too often. Always, rather. I was such a timid boy back then. I still am now, but I did not have the power of the pen then (typing, in this case) I’ve acquired now. She was exactly what I am today. She sucked at studies and other boring stuff but was a genius. She was always ready for fun and enjoyment. She would not have made her name to the top of the list for the hottest girls in school but yes, she could be considered for the cutest one and this was why I fell for her.

I had always wanted to approach her but my timid nature never allowed me to muster enough courage. However, things bound to happen do happen. Fate paves a path for itself. And it did. According to the new seating arrangements, I was made to sit with a girl who happened to be her best friend. Like the one she used to call to accompany her to the water coolers. She used to come to our place at the end of every hour just to talk rubbish. And I loved it. She had this habit of including others to strengthen her words and points. And it was always me she used to ask for support against her best friend. I never did anything but nod in consent to everything she said. Often, she used to mock her friend that I understood her better than she did because I stood by her words every single time. Avantika, who was her friend and my seat partner, used to “awww” at this. I guess she kind of knew about what I felt about her friend and was trying to help. Avantika used to tease me saying that either I had no brain for nodding to everything she said or it was something else. I used to blush at that moment and stammer due to loss of words- a condition she enjoyed me being in.


The session dragged along and our friendship grew- and I heartily thank Avantika for this. We had already exchanged numbers. I was thrilled that she covered more than fifty percent of my brain at any given second. I used to check my inbox every ten minutes expecting a text from her. Whenever I got one, I would spend minutes thinking of the best answer I could reply with. I loved her even more with every passing moment. Though unsure of what she thought about me, I used to dream about the relation we could be in and what all I would do to keep her happy. I wondered if she too thought about me like the way I kept her in my mind all the time. I knew I had to speak to her about how I felt about her. And I did.


It took me seven months to speak of what I had ever wanted to say to her. She emerged to be too dramatic. Like a typical Bollywood movie, she asked for time to think about it. It took her four days, and me, a bouquet and a box of chocolates to convince her into the most beautiful yes from her mouth. That was the time I felt I had won everything. How lucky I was to have her! Her voice seemed so soothing. She was like a gush of wind ruffling through my hair and made me forget all worries. She was my little ray of sunshine. We used to be together at every place and time possible. We used to study together. Being together, our academic performance got astonishingly better making us realize we were kind of the power sources for each other.
Everything was going well. And everything would end well.


At least that was what we thought…



To be continued


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