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The life He Changed-Part 3

Amanda read the papers in shock. She felt the energy drain off her body as the papers slipped from her hands and fell on the floor. It took her a moment to realize and she couldn’t control herself anymore. Bewildered, she ran to Anthony and stood at the door of the room. She couldn’t go any further. Anthony was smart enough to understand from the mere reaction. He smiled at her.

“So you finally know of it. But do not worry. There is nothing that is going to happen to me. I will be all hale and hearty in a few days time. Leave it; tell me how is your practice going? Any big hits coming up?”

Amanda, still crying, said, “There will be no more practicing. You need to get well soon and I will make sure you do.”

“There is nothing you can do about it. Why giving up your dream for it? And as far as I am concerned, I am all fine. You know what, if there is anything that would make me feel better is seeing you living your dream. So, continue with that. That’ll help me recover. How’s the practice coming up?”

Amanda, still sobbing, replied, “The practice is as it should be. John told me he was trying hard on me so I better gear up, Lord knows what that means. But why did you not tell me before? Were you going to tell me at all?”

“I never meant to dishearten or discourage you. If I would have told you about this, you would have given up practicing then. That would not have been good if the world missed such a great star.” Anthony winked.

Amanda, breaking down, fell on his shoulder.




Amanda continued to get better at singing as Anthony’s health deteriorated. It had now been almost a week since he was admitted to the hospital. John never missed a single day coming to coach her. He was after all, keeping his promise. Anthony was happy. What he had planned was exactly on track.


One evening, Amanda came to Anthony with some news. “John kept his word. He revealed it to me today about a musical concert he had recommended my name in. He told me it would be kind of big so I need to practice hard.” Amanda said, sounding tensed. Anthony was satisfied. He had realized that John was working hard for his wish.

“Yeah, he is the boss. If he is asking you to gear up, you better do.”

Days went by and Amanda became more profound in what she was so good at. She was now someone John would take pride in calling his student. There was only a week in what would be the biggest day in Amanda’s life. John had asked her to come to his studio to rehearse for the week. She worked too hard for making her day really special and memorable. She after all, had a responsibility of fulfilling not only her dreams, but also to what Anthony had gone through for all this and never complained.

It was the big day. Amanda had been in John’s studio all day surrounded by designers and make-up artists. She was told she would have the closing act of the ceremony organized at the Madison Square. And it was full of big personalities. Big like the U.S. President types. She was so excited about it. John took her to the venue. Anthony could not attend the show given his serious condition. But he had promised Amanda that he would be watching it live on television.

The Show began. All went well. Rocking, in fact. Amanda was the star of the show when she chose to sing ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin. Mr. President was invited to address the audience. His first words were a question: “Do you sing often, Amanda?” Amanda shook her head in a negative.

“Shouldn’t she sing more for us, America?”

The crowd cheered in a loud yes.

That was the start Amanda dreamt of. It was the President himself encouraging her into more singing. She couldn’t control her tears back. But all she wanted was to be with Anthony. After all she was here because of him. On her way back to the van, a man came to her.

“Hello, Ma’am. I am Scott. I have been looking for a new singer for a new project. And I think you’re the best answer. If you are interested, please give me a call. I’ll arrange everything.” Scott said, handing her a card.

“Sure”, she said, as if in awe, and returned straight back to the hospital.

“Anthony..” she couldn’t speak anything else as her voice was downed by the roaring claps in Anthony’s ward. All the staff was there clapping for her, headed by Anthony. She tried hard but a tear slipped out of her eye. She hugged him tight.

“It’s my time to go, Amanda.”

“Don’t say that. At least not tonight.”

And they kept talking all night.

Anthony passed away three nights later. Amanda was devastated by this but she kept her composure only because he had asked her not to. She could do anything for him. Anthony made sure Amanda lived her dream and fulfilled her passion. She is now an acclaimed star and is still on the rise. She often is mesmerized by her life that suddenly changed altogether and never fails to forget the men who made this change come true. Her life was a gift from her husband who loved and cared for her even when he had all the right to be selfish, at least for some time.

Amanda gave her story a biography form where she got a chance to let everyone know about the man who changed her life. She also did not forget to mention John who proved to be an angel for her. Her book titled ‘The Life He Changed’ has been the topper of the bestseller U.S. Novels ever since.



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